BrainTrain’s On-Site Training Workshops

On-Site Professional TrainingLet us teach your entire staff to use the full depth and power of the Captain’s Log Cognitive Training System and the SmartMind Pro neurofeedback system, two powerful tools to help your clients with brain injuries, mental illness, and other cognitive deficits. The author of the software, Dr. Joseph A. Sandford, will come on-site to your facility and show you step-by-step how to create and customize a cognitive rehabilitation training protocol for each individual.

Captain’s Log systemized computerized brain workouts make it easy for you to help your clients restore or improve their working memory, attention, self-control, mental processing speed, and more. Based on over 20 years of clinical experience and research, the exercises range from the very simple tasks you need for cognitively impaired head injured adults all the way up to challenging working memory activities for peak achievement training.

SmartMind Pro Hands-On Intensive Training will help you to understand the basics of neurofeedback and will prepare you to put your knowledge to practical use. Learn to use SmartMind Pro as a stand-alone neurofeedback system or as a powerful partner to the Captain’s Log.

“Exceptionally well organized materials and presentation. Leading edge clinical interventions!” – Clifford F. Furgison, Ph.D., Troy, MI

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